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7 Tips to Create Your Dream Team


Creating a well-balanced team can take time and effort, but the results are well worth it! A recent Personal Psychology study analyzed 130 companies and found that teams that were committed to one another were more likely to believe in work related success.

Check out these 7 tips to turn your group into a high performing team that visualizes its potential, growth and success.

1) Create common goals

In order for your organization to reach its goals, each team member needs to be on board with the company’s values, mission and vision. Spend time with your team to develop expectations and goals for everyone over a specific time period, such as six months. Display the group goals and expectations in the office where team members can see them regularly. After six months, revisit the goals with the group and discuss how well expectations were met.

2) Bond outside of the office

Simply having the office participate in a half day of group activity can make the biggest difference in your work environment. Getting team members out of the office takes the stress away from daily tasks and can prevent distractions upon returning to the office.

Plan a day for your team to give back to the community by volunteering or spend time relaxing and having fun by going bowling. Providing your employees with a means to interact outside of the office can create an environment for your team to truly bond.

3) Clarify role responsibilities

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is not knowing which person holds a particular role or responsibility. Clarify responsibilities. This helps to ensure that duties are divided properly, and it can help prevent toes from being stepped on due to ambiguity. Your team will function more smoothly and you will reduce the likelihood of friction and conflict.

4) Provide management support

It’s crucial for managers to support their team and keep them motivated in order to perform at a high level. With management support, employees are more likely to stay focused and excel in their efforts. Consider having managers schedule bi-monthly formal check-ins. By checking in, managers and their teams can evaluate progress, brainstorm ideas for continued growth and work through any problems or issues as they come up.

5) Empower

Encourage team members to step up to the challenge of being a leader for a specific client or project. Make sure every employee has an opportunity to lead, and encourage those employees who may be hesitant to take on that role, even if it’s for a small project. Empowering people on your team can help you get a better idea of the team’s skill set and identify strengths in each member.

6) Celebrate

Take the time to recognize those working hard in your organization and acknowledge all they have accomplished. One way to highlight achievements could be a monthly meeting where every team member shares industry leads, milestones, accomplishments, triumphs and successes.  By affirming others daily and showing your appreciation, you give your office something to celebrate while recognizing your employees for their hard work.

7) Stay positive

Being positive is contagious. Go to work with a positive attitude and set the stage for a great day. The more you visualize yourself and your team achieving greatness, the more likely you are to reach your team goals. If you find that your team didn’t kick the day off strong, find a fun way to boost morale and reset the day. Be creative. It could be as simple as a coffee run.


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