4 Simple Steps for Writing Good Job Descriptions


4 Simple Steps for Writing Good Job Descriptions


Job descriptions are vital when it comes to comprehensively representing a specific position — and your company as a whole — to future employees. This will likely be the first impression the potential hire gets, and presenting the role clearly and thoroughly is imperative to drawing in the right candidates.

Want to know how you can ensure you cover all your bases when it comes to writing a good description? Here are four tips for crafting your next job description so that it fully represents the opening you need to fill with the perfect candidate:

  1. Make sure you include the basics

You know everything about an open position, but potential candidates certainly don’t. Make sure to include all the basic information they will need to know before they even apply. This often includes information like the title, team/division, skill/experience requirements, day-to-day tasks/responsibilities, success measurements, salary/hourly wage and desired start date. Once candidates have all the basic information, they’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether they’re right for the position or not — and this will make sure you get fewer irrelevant applications while creating a larger pool of savvy candidates. 

  1. Highlight the benefit

Now that you’ve included everything you need, include a few highlights of what the potential hire could get in return, such as benefits and perks. Does your company provide fitness membership reimbursements, extra days off around the holidays, or hefty bonuses for exceptional work? Make sure your candidates know! This will help set your company and the position apart from other potential jobs that A+ candidate is considering.

  1. Let your culture shine

Arguably, one of the most important parts of finding the right candidate is finding someone who will seamlessly fit into your company culture. Make sure you are drawing in the right people by letting your business’ personality shine through in the job description. You can do so by highlighting unique parts of your culture, such as a casual dress code, office traditions and interesting activities that take place throughout the year. This will ensure that you find the right fit for your business — and minimize surprises for candidates coming in to interview!

  1. Instruct them how to apply

It’s likely that your company has a preferred way for candidates to apply for a position. Make sure each potential employee is aware of this by including specific application directions within your job description. If you wish for them to apply via a form on the company website, be sure to include a direct link to that form, rather than making them search for it. Also, be clear on what materials you wish to be included in applications — such as whether you prefer a cover letter or not.

Writing a comprehensive job description is the first step in drawing in candidates that will better your team. Want more tips on attracting the right potential hires? Check out this blog on how to write a job description that stands out.

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