How HR Can Help with the Upcoming Tax Season


How HR Can Help with the Upcoming Tax Season


As an HR professional, you are already a vital part of the company – but when it comes to tax season, you have the opportunity to provide employees with even more benefits than you may realize. After all, you are the in-office expert and a valuable resource when navigating this extremely complex time for personnel. This tax season, consider offering the rest of the office relief strategies, additional tax education, and helpful resources to help everyone in the office make it through in one piece.

Help Manage Stress

Is anyone not stressed about taxes? It’s a complex process involving a lot of complicated paperwork. You can help employees decrease tax-related anxiety by reminding them about open enrollment periods and facilitating opportunities for a positive environment as the doomsday known as April 15 nears.

By reminding employees that open enrollment is a great opportunity to check their benefit and tax elections and make changes as needed, they will be more likely to feel informed when tax season rolls around. Take the dread out of tax season by working with management to add in some fun around the office. Plan lunchtime walks with coworkers, set up opportunities for employees to enjoy painting, yoga, or boxing classes, or maybe consider throwing a pizza party on April 15!

Offer Education Sessions

As an HR professional, you already know a lot about taxes — it’s time to put it to good use. Consider setting up in-house sessions to inform employees about the proper tax forms to use, explain what they individually mean, and remind employees about upcoming deadlines. Allow time for employees to ask questions about tax forms and filing. The more individuals know, the better they feel about the entire process.

Provide Additional Resources

There’s an abundance of tax resources you have at your fingertips, and recommending these to your team is important. Start with tax preparation solutions. You can point employees in the right direction for self-prep options as well as in-person tax professionals that can assist them in the filing process.

In terms of self-filing with online software, you can offer advice on the positives and the negatives of different software options. For recommending local tax services, consider bringing in a few local personal accountants to present to employees or provide a listing of area prospective tax professionals via email. Either way, both options will provide a great service and sense of relief to your cohorts.

As part of the HR team, you can help save employee morale during tax season by providing additional education and resources. Trust your expertise during this complex season!

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