6 Qualities Shared by Great Leaders


6 Qualities Shared by Great Leaders


A great leader isn’t defined by one specific characteristic. And they aren’t limited to only one industry or large, successful companies. In fact, a great leader in the business world can be anyone from the visionary owner of a small shop to a Fortune 500 CEO.

There isn’t just one formula that makes a great leader, but great leaders do all have certain things in common. Are these qualities that you see in yourself?

1. Great leaders have a positive attitude.

Simply put, a happy and motivated team is following a positive leader. Great leaders are positive when things go as planned, and when things go wrong, they make sure the workplace doesn’t spiral out of control. You will also find that leaders who keep a positive attitude will thank their workers with an occasional token of appreciation, like bringing in sweet treats on a Friday or taking the team to lunch. When employees know they are appreciated, they will likely respond by working harder and stepping up to the plate when needed.

2. Great leaders aren’t discouraged by setbacks.

Let’s face it – failure happens. It’s part of life! Great leaders know how to navigate through the difficult times by remaining calm, thinking logically, and seeing the bigger picture. They utilize their resources during trying times to keep their team on the right path, they take failure in stride and embrace the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

3. Great leaders make tough decisions.

Great leaders understand that difficult decisions must be made in the best interest of the entire organization that they represent. They make those decisions with assurance and authority, knowing that some things are not going to be popular. Outstanding leaders also recognize when a collaborative effort is the best option for effective decision making.

4. Great leaders plan ahead and communicate that plan.

Great leaders are supremely organized when it comes to future plans. They instinctively think through different scenarios and the possible effects of their decisions, while also considering logical alternatives. They make plans and establish strategies that will lead their organization to success. Most importantly, a great leader is able to effectively communicate the plan to their team.

5. Great leaders delegate.

Some leaders want to tackle everything themselves thinking it’s a way to save time. In actuality, it dilutes their focus and puts more work on an already busy person. Great leaders understand that delegating tasks does more than alleviate their own stress. It shows their employees that they have confidence in them and their abilities. This will result in higher workplace morale and boost loyalty from the team all around.

6. Great leaders show commitment.

When it comes to commitment, great leaders always follow through and they don’t make promises they can’t keep. Great leaders are the most committed and hardest working person on the job, and truly lead by example. When leaders prove their own commitment, those under them are inspired to do the same, instilling a good work ethic overall.

When you develop and combine all of these qualities, you become a truly exceptional and admirable leader. Challenge your employees by setting high and attainable expectations, while providing the proper support to help your employees be the best they can be.

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