Hiring: 4 Tips for Matching the Right Person to the Right Job


4 Tips for Matching the Right Person to the Right Job


Finding the right employees and building a high-performing team starts with a successful hiring process. How do you hire the right person and avoid hiring the wrong person for the job?

Effective hiring is the key for a thriving business. Because turnover is expensive, it’s important to invest the appropriate amount of time needed to find the right person. Most employee relations problems stem from hiring the wrong person for the job. A bad hire can have a negative effect on both the morale and productivity of the entire team.

Many times, employers are left wondering what went wrong when a new hire is not what they expected or lacks the necessary skills for the position. Don’t let that employer be you. Here are a few tips for finding the right candidate:

1. Be clear on what skills are needed.
The first step in making a successful hiring decision is to fully understand what is needed to perform the job. A good job description makes it easier to assess candidates when you have well-defined job duties and expectations spelled out. The job description should also identify any physical expectations, education and experience level needed, and required knowledge, like knowing about specific software. By describing exactly what you’re looking for in the job description, you’re more likely to attract quality applicants.

2. Ask the right questions.
By asking the right questions, and being attentive during the interview process, you can learn a lot about a person’s character. Great questions to ask might include, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” “Why do you work?” or “What makes you get up in the morning?” These questions can tell you a lot about a job candidate’s drive and ambition, which is critical to understanding how the person works and whether or not their values align with your growing business.

3. Shed light on your company culture.
An easy way for potential candidates to get a sense of your company culture is by the way your job description is worded. If your office atmosphere is lighthearted and relaxed, be sure to portray that from the start. When someone joins your team, you want that new team member to fit in and transition into the new position in a seamless manner. Be sure to spend time during your interview process talking about your company culture so you can determine if the candidate would be a good fit all around.

4. Think of your other employees.
If you tend to use your awesome company culture as a selling point when posting job ads, it’s important to keep it that way. In order to avoid upending a happy work environment, take into consideration your current employees and how they would react to your new hire. By knowing how your current employees operate, you can look to hire someone who will complement the strengths of other employees and fill any gaps in skill sets. Consider involving your current employees in the hiring of new employees by setting up a brief meeting or having current employees take the candidate out to lunch. If a few employees have concerns, your candidate likely won’t be a good fit in the long run.

Finding and hiring the right employees is part of any company’s strategic plan. The right employees are the heart and soul of all great companies and are vital to your success.

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