What We Are Thankful for at WorkSmart Systems


What We Are Thankful for at WorkSmart Systems


Our employees mean the world to us, which is why we strive to provide a place where they feel valued and fulfilled, both personally and professionally. While we know how thankful we are for our team, we’ve given them an opportunity to share why they’re thankful to be part of it:


“I have been with WorkSmart Systems for many years and I am so thankful to work for a company with characteristics of honesty, dependability, and compassion for their employees.”

Peggy – Sales


“I am thankful to work with such a great group of people. Everyone is hardworking, dedicated, and always ready to help. Our internal team works together to get the job done and it is a pleasure to work with our clients!”

Alexa – Benefit Specialist


“I’m thankful for the supportive work environment, good-natured co-workers, and PJ’s yummy birthday cakes!”

Julie – Payroll Coordinator


“I’d like to share two thoughts. First, it’s great to have the knowledge that what we do matters. Also, I am thankful to have great bosses. I like knowing that what I do isn’t all about my fulfillment, but also that my bosses believe in me and trust that I’m the right person to get the job done!”

Melissa – Payroll Coordinator


“Thankful for the kind team of people I work with every day. Thankful for Matt and Debbie for always looking out for me and my family and all of their employees. Thankful for the experience and knowledge I have gained here at WorkSmart. Thankful to have a job that involves helping others. Thankful for the people I have met from working here. Thankful for the gifted and talented staff here who really know their stuff!”

PJ – Office Manager


“I am thankful for working with such a great team here at WorkSmart. The knowledge and level of professionalism is second to none. It’s nice to know there is a great group of people to support and back you up. It’s been a great nine years and I’m definitely looking forward to the future.”

Scott – Payroll Coordinator


“The best place to work is where you can be your best. I am grateful! I get to work at a place where the employer-to-employee, and employee-to-coworker relationships are equally grateful for each other! I believe that is why and how we are able to achieve our vision here at WorkSmart.”

Laura – HR Generalist


“I am grateful for the congenial atmosphere that I work in and for my co-workers. They are the best! I am also grateful for the job itself, I absolutely love being a payroll processer — this is by far the favorite job I have ever had.”

Ruth – Payroll Coordinator


“WorkSmart is a special place to work! In my eight years in the Benefits Department, there’s never been a day when I didn’t look forward to my job. I am thankful for the day-to-day environment as well as the learning opportunities afforded by WorkSmart Systems. We are valued, well-equipped and empowered, allowing us to take exceptional care of our clients.”

Sharon – Benefit Specialist


We hope you feel the same amount of fulfillment in your work life that we feel at WorkSmart! What are some things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

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