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Co-Employee 401K Center

Change or stop salary deferrals or change beneficiary information

To change salary deferrals click here.

To change beneficiary information click here.

Access your account information

You will need the pin number that was attached to your enrollment form. If you do not have your pin number, please contact WorkSmart Systems and we can request that John Hancock e-mail you a new one.

Once you have your pin number, you can visit John Hancock’s website at: to register and use their online services.

Registration requires your PIN, WorkSmart’s contract number (23540), WorkSmart’s code number (109497), your date of birth, and your SS#.

The website allows you to review your current balance, change your current investments, project your retirement income needs, and other services.

Contact us for more information

For information about rollovers, loans, or investment selection advice, please call 1-800-WSS-401K or 317-576-9644.

For general information about your 401(k) plan, please call WorkSmart Systems directly at 317-585-7870 or 1-877-977-9757 or email

For information about your account balance, contribution details, questions about accessing your online account, or to make changes to investment selections over the telephone, please contact John Hancock directly at 1-800-395-1113.

Notice to Employees click here.