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Employee Testing and Assessment Tools

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WorkSmart Systems offers a variety of background checks and skills-testing options for your employees.

Predictive Index
Predictive Index is a time-tested tool used by thousands of companies to provide insight into the workplace habits of new and existing employees. Having gained the rights to use PI, WorkSmart has three on-site certified analysts who can administer and professionally analyze assessments for you and your staff. PI can help you and your organization better understand one another, accurately match people and positions, create solid teams and make the right hire. The assessment is administered via e-mail and takes approximately five minutes to complete. Once finished, the results are immediately available for analysis. In addition to presenting a comprehensive report, WorkSmart Systems will work directly with the client to assess individual and group results and make recommendations based on the findings. Many employers use the Predictive Index during the hiring process, but the tool is also very effective when used to assess a team or to help address specific employee/management concerns.

Background Checks
Through partnerships with various agencies, WorkSmart Systems is able to offer cost-effective background check services for your employees. In addition to holding the account and handling the administrative aspects, WorkSmart will also work with you to design policy statements and handle the legally-required Fair Credit Reporting Act notices as necessary. For example, many employers are not aware that if they wish to take action against an employee based on what is discovered in a background investigation; both a “pre-adverse action” letter and an “adverse action” letter need to be drafted and sent to the employee/applicant. WorkSmart is happy to handle this for clients as part of the service offering. Some examples of background investigation services include the following:

  • County criminal search
  • National criminal search
  • Credit report
  • Social Security and address verification
  • Drug testing
  • Driver’s record/MVR search
  • Employment reference check
  • Education verification
  • Professional license verification

Please see the Background Check Pricing Guide for a price listing and estimated completion times for each service.

Skills Testing
WorkSmart Systems has a partnership with pan, a resource for over 650 pre-hire and talent acquisition assessments, as well as Kenexa ProveIT! to offer a variety of skills testing to employees. With so many test options available, there’s certain to be testing options for every client’s need. Whether you want to test skills on any of the MS Office products, or you want to determine whether an applicant is qualified on any one of a variety of programming languages, there’s likely a test available. Beyond software, there are also tests available to evaluate mechanical and technical skills, management readiness and everything in between. Most assessments are administered via e-mail and the results are available very quickly.