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How To Onboard a New Employee the Right Way


In 2014, 35 percent of companies spent a whopping zero dollars on onboarding new employees even though they spent roughly $11,000 to hire them. Companies should invest in a well-structured onboarding process to train the employees that will eventually propel their business forward.  A successful onboarding process provides the company with many benefits such as: more free time for supervisors and managers as a result of spending less time helping new hires who are well-equipped, reduced anxiety for employees, and new hires that can hit the ground running.

Getting the job and knowing how to do the job are completely separate realms for employees. If you want your new hires to contribute quickly, realize that they can’t do it alone. Employers need to prepare new hires to be successful at the job from the very beginning, and this starts with the onboarding process. Here are six tips on how to get new employee onboarding started the right way:

Be Prepared

  • The worst thing that can happen for a new hire is to show up on the first day of a new job and not have something to do. Make sure the supervisor is expecting the new hire and that you have some materials for him or her to review during any unscheduled time. That infers that you should have some things scheduled for the new hire – getting set up in your payroll system, meeting their co-workers, and getting familiar with the workspace, just to name a few.

Company Swag

  • Surprise the new hire with company-branded accessories. Whether it’s a coffee mug, key chain, or a polo, the more useful it is, the better. Employees will love being welcomed with a small gift on their first day and can instantly feel like they fit in. Plus, company swag items make perfect social media posts!

Business Cards

  • Avoid the 22 percent turnover companies see within the initial 45 days on the job and truly make your new hire a part of the team! Provide new hires with personalized business cards on their first day. They will feel like part of the team and be thrilled that the company went the extra mile for them.

Limit the introductions

  • One of the first things many supervisors do with their new hire is to introduce them – to every employee in the building. While this seems like a nice gesture, in reality it can be very counterproductive. Unless it is a very small organization, first-day introductions should be limited to a very close circle. Most employees need a big picture before they can start associating names with faces and departments. Often, it is difficult enough to remember the location of the restroom on one’s first day, let alone the names and roles of everyone in the company!

Light Hearted Down Time

  • During the onboarding process, keep it fun! Make time for social activities and breaks throughout the day, add gifs to presentations and have a few jokes ready to lighten the mood. Show employees your true office culture and enable them to fit right in so they’re motivated to stay. Make sure team members are accessible and encourage them to spend social time with the new hire to break the ice.

Extra Explanations

  • Many times employees find themselves figuring out company culture, standards, why they were hired and expectations on their own. Answer these questions for them on the first day. Take the time to explain what matters most to the company and why, what is expected of them, why there were chosen, immediate goals, and map out the employee’s daily responsibilities.


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