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How to Create Company Goals and Expectations for Employees in 2015


The New Year offers a way for businesses, employees and employers to reset. One of the most important to-dos to tackle is preparing for the year ahead. A new year can mean a new you! It also presents an opportunity to provide a company with a fresh start. Kick off January by taking a look at these tips to maximize company goals, employee engagement and expectations.

Manage Budget Costs

It’s a great time to reflect on 2014’s finances. Were company sales goals met? Did the company expand its clientele? Look at the numbers and plan for 2015 accordingly. Find where the company can afford to cut back and invest in the areas that will provide support to the business.



The line for communication should never be closed, but now is the time to provide an update for items that need to be addressed. Maybe new clients are coming on board or the company is looking to hire. These are things everyone in the organization should be aware of, especially with the start of a new year. Make sure employees, old and new, are reminded of business practices, company culture and the company values. Refurbish that foundation so it’s transparent what is expected of each staff member.



If an employee were to describe the company’s boss or the company as a whole, what would they say? Use surveys or small group meetings to collect feedback and any concerns in order to start 2015 on the right foot. Use that information to implement activities that will engage the workforce in the future. Responding to these opinions can positively fuel employee retention and offer opportunities to strengthen the relationship between colleagues and employer.


Pay it forward

Supporting non-profit organizations or volunteering is a great way to enrich social responsibility. How is your business giving back to the community? If there are currently no civic initiatives in place at your organization, 2015 may be the perfect year to start! Try volunteering at a local shelter or find a foundation that aligns with your company values and make a commitment to help multiple times this year.


Be social

Take this opportunity to mingle and meet with people you may not know as well. In many cases, employees only interact with HR when a problem arises. Branch out and reach out to personalize and strengthen the relationship with colleagues.


Whether a company is big or small, using these tips can help your business achieve a successful start to 2015. How is your company starting off 2015?


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