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How an HRIS Can Benefit Your Company


The Human Resource Information System, more commonly referred to as HRIS and sometimes called Human Resource Management System (HRMS), has revolutionized the human resources industry and saved HR professionals from countless hours of paperwork. When it comes to balancing the management of payroll, benefit assignments, workers compensation and compliance efforts, an HRIS could save your company a significant amount of time and money. The system streamlines employee onboarding and benefit enrollment, eliminates calculation errors, makes payroll data entry automatic and enforces fair pay rules for all employees. In 2015 we’re not only seeing the rise of HRIS usage when it comes to human resource departments, we’re also seeing HRIS become a valuable asset to employees as a paperless way to access resources whenever they need information.

While HRIS services vary from one software company to the next, one of the most important features this virtual tool offers is its automation technology, which can make numerous HR tasks simpler, more punctual and time-efficient. Read on below to learn how an HRIS can benefit your company!

Anywhere, Anytime Access

As a web-based HR service, an HRIS offers you the flexibility of accessing services 24/7, as long as you have an internet connection. HR professionals often find themselves on the go or busy with meetings during the work day. Since an HRIS is a web and cloud based service, you aren’t chained to your desk shuffling papers, but can instead utilize the web system at your convenience, taking your HR work wherever you go!

Reducing Your Errors

Countless HR tasks are highly regulated due to the amount of sensitive material an HR professional is usually tasked with handling. When dealing with such delicate responsibilities as payroll, benefits, hiring and even compliance, the slightest human error can potentially have hefty legal ramifications or risk of financial loss. Minimize data entry and the number of eyes needed to oversee a project, and let your HRIS help you reduce the occurrence of errors associated with overlooking even a small detail.

Devote More Time to Training

With HRIS usage accelerating and advancing the usually monotonous HR tasks, your human resources team will have extra time and energy to devote to improving your workforce. Onboarding new hires and refining your staff can keep your company fresh, while keeping it on the fast track to success. In addition, your team can utilize the HRIS further by streamlining onboarding documents and training programs.

Create an Organizational Culture

Organizational culture can be defined as the collection of values, working norms, company vision, habits and beliefs that the business espouses. Your human resources department lives inside this organizational culture and so can your new HRIS. Set up policies, procedures and new internal standards as needed, and let the HRIS dictate aspects of a benefits, payroll or compensation package. Since these are set up in a web-based system, it allows your HR team and executives to easily review the automated policies. And with this system in place, offices from all over the globe can easily be on the same page when it comes to company practices and policies.

Have a Plan for Change

Employees come and go every so often and it’s not uncommon for your company’s finances to fluctuate. Monitoring these fluctuations and budgeting accordingly has been a long time role for every HR department. With new technology, HR’s stabilizing role is becoming more accurate and insightful. With an automated service that can give you up-to-date budget quotes, you’re able to see the bigger picture faster. HR professionals can take this information and develop a management plan for changes in workflow and for reassuring employees in times of crises or big changes.

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