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5 Ways to Reward Employees


Customer loyalty is important for business, brand awareness and employee retention. When employees and consumers both believe in the brand, it’s a win-win for all parties. Quality work, happy customers – an employee reward is a given, right? Perhaps, but monetary incentives are not always practical or in the budget. When this happens, it’s up to the employer to find a way to treat employees for a job well-done.

Give thanks – Never underestimate the power of the words “thank you.” When an employer acknowledges staff for a job well-done, employees not only feel appreciated and valued for time spent on their work, they are also encouraged for future endeavors. Gratitude can be expressed in a variety of ways. A handwritten letter is quite the rarity these days, increasing its value significantly. Use company meetings to publicly applaud accomplishments. Sharing good news with the entire team encourages communication and hard work.

Offer a free pass – Most employees are allotted a certain number of sick or personal days, but sometimes a person just needs to relish the day, no strings attached. Offering a day pass allows an employee to freely go to the park, read, spend time with family, etc., and removes the pressure of ‘pretending’ to be sick to enjoy a random day off. Employers can use this incentive in conjunction with a promotion, or for a reward when team members hit a sales goal or team goal.

Professional connectivity – Most of the time employees will jump at the chance to rub elbows with company bigwigs and be included as part of the bigger picture. A great way to reward an employee or team is to invite them to your next business lunch. Introducing your staff to company leaders can bolster their career aspirations, and hopefully give them incentive to continue to produce high quality work.

Make work fun – There are so many low-cost activities that can be incorporated at work. Interactive undertakings can boost office morale and strengthen work relationships. Bagel Fridays, impromptu board game breaks, and group workouts during lunch are just a few ideas to keep employees intermingling and engaged. Everyone thrives in a friendly, happy work environment.

Give awards – Some ideas will prevail, while others will fail. It’s important to have a continual stream of innovative, thought-provoking ideas, regardless of the results of previous ventures. Similar to The Office Dundie Awards, employers can find a supportive way to boost morale even when things are not all coming up roses. Maybe offer a “Best Worst Idea” award or “Funniest Person” award to find a way to encourage the people that make your company so unique.

Sometimes finding a way to reward employees in a non-financial manner can actually enhance company culture and tighten the bonds between employees. What are some ways your company rewards its staff? What is the most unique way an employer has recognized your efforts?


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