5 Ways to Improve Recruiting Processes


5 Ways to Improve Recruiting Processes


There’s nothing more crucial to the success of any business than bringing the right people on board and encouraging their growth.

Whether you are looking to find great candidates, retain new hires, or fill positions in your company, here are five things you can do to improve your recruitment efforts.

1. Provide ample detail in your job postings.

The job posting should explain the position well and in-detail in order to attract the right candidate. Neglecting to include all the important information or expectations could result in obtaining applicants who aren’t the best fit. Instead of just listing the requirements needed, be sure to include day-to-day activities and what the new hire would be expected to accomplish in the first 90 days.

2. Include others in the interview process.

While the boss’ opinion is important, it can be very beneficial to include other employees who will interact with the new hire the most often on the job. These people will have a strong grasp on what’s required to do the job and also what kind of person could be a good match. Keep in mind that one opinion shouldn’t be more important, but rather, the opinions should be looked at collectively.

3. Have candidates prove their knowledge through tests.

This is a crucial step of the hiring process if you are recruiting candidates who require a specific set of technical skills. Let’s be honest, people are prone to really talk themselves up on paper. Don’t be afraid to put those skills to the test. Have a copywriting candidate write an article, or a sales candidate conduct a mock sales call. This will also show the candidate’s ability to work under pressure and meet a deadline.

4. Establish a consistent process for all applicants.

In order to reduce bias during an interview, consider creating a hiring scorecard to evaluate education, experience, certifications, and training in a comparable manner across the board. It’s also important to ask all candidates the same questions. While it’s perfectly fine to ask a personalized question, you want to be sure that each candidate is given an opportunity to speak of their abilities in relation to the same skills. If the open position requires project management skills, and only two of the three candidates are asked about their abilities, that can impact your ability to evaluate fairly.

5. Place an emphasis on growth opportunities.

For many young professionals, opportunities for development and growth are a huge selling point. It should be apparent to job candidates that your company values its employees and cares about their professional growth. If your company is struggling to find a perfect candidate or to retain great employees, consider placing more effort into expanding your professional development offerings.

Of course, hiring the right person takes time and dedication, and that’s okay! Rushing the process to bring on just any job candidate can have consequences that linger even after that employee is gone.

It’s important for managers to start treating the hiring process as one of the most important strategic planning efforts for the company. Why? Because every new employee will either improve the organization or diminish it. It’s worth your time and the investment it takes to set a formalized approach to your recruiting processes. With improved, standardized processes, you are much more likely to hire the best people for your company.

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