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5 Tips to Create a Better Company Culture


Company culture is a term that is used quite frequently in business dialogue, but what is it exactly? Company culture is defined by a company’s mission and work atmosphere and ultimately, that means it’s the personality of the organization. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same holds true to your company’s culture. Though it may take time, if properly invested a company culture will produce happy employees. And happy employees? Well, they work hard.

1. Put people first

How are you investing in your workforce? Employees make an organization stand tall, so it is important they feel taken care of. Studies have shown a good company culture can be measured by the physical health, emotional well-being and mental clarity of a person.  Do you offer gym memberships as an employee perk? What about job-related training? It might be worthwhile to consider offering developmental training sessions or sending a team to an industry conference.

Humanizing your interactions and engagement with employees will not only create a more positive environment, it will also let employees know the organization cares. Think to yourself, “What would my employees say about me and about this company?” Give your staff something good to talk about.


2. Let the social butterflies be social

All work and no play can have a negative outcome on office morale, which may lead to a lower production of quality work. Holiday parties, work-from-home and abbreviated summer hours are just a few suggestions to stimulate the daily work routine. Some ambitious companies offer Beer Fridays or have monthly catered luncheons. Every culture will be unique because every company is different. Uncover what truly matters to your employees to decipher the company’s character and schedule social events accordingly.


3. Always communicate

Communication will lead you to a successful path, inside the office and out. While everyone may have different clients and goals, the bigger picture is illustrated from a widespread team effort. Try holding weekly, biweekly or monthly meetings so everyone has a chance to share updates on clientele and deadlines. Allowing team members to contribute in group discussion will keep attendees more engaged and give employees a sense of being heard. Keep the meeting concise so it doesn’t take away from valuable work time. Staff meetings also present a great opportunity to address concerns or company news. The more employees feel like they’re valued, the more they’ll value their own work.


4. Spread company values

What is the company’s mission, values and goals? Is the organization associated with a philanthropic initiative? Do you make an effort to give back to the community? This is another area where communication can come into play. Have a clear message so your employees can align themselves with your purpose. Not only will this make the employees feel aligned with the company but it will keep the team moving toward a common purpose.


5. Reward

Hard work should pay off, right? A “thank you” definitely goes a long way, and dedicated, hardworking team members should be recognized for their effort. Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important that they are given to deserving team members. Do you have multiple teams within your department? Offer a free lunch to the group who has the highest monthly sales or made a positive difference with one of your customers. Big or small, acknowledging your employees can bring a lot of positive energy to the office.


Bottom line – increase the value of your company culture and the value of your employees will follow suit. Sound easy enough? Let us know how your company has created its own culture in the comments section below!



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