3 Reasons Attending an Annual HR Conference is Invaluable


3 Reasons Attending an Annual HR Conference is Invaluable


Whether or not to spend the time, money and company resources to attend an annual conference is a question many HR professionals face. No matter the size of your business, it is an investment any way you look at it.

In the wake of the recent SHRM17 annual HR conference, we have done some reflecting and agree that it is definitely worth investing in such events as a company. To help you think through your decision about sending your team to an annual HR industry conference, we’ve identified the top three ways your company will undoubtedly benefit from attending a professional conference. Let’s take a look:

Hear from the experts

One invaluable aspect of attending annual conferences is the chance to hear from top industry experts on the latest trends in your industry. Plus, attendees will likely be peers in your field, creating prime opportunities for networking. Take advantage of after-hour events and opportunities to connect and network with other attendees outside of conference hours. Also, be sure to spend time researching in advance which speaking sessions are the best fit for you and your team, and don’t feel bad about switching up your schedule for something that’s a better fit – after all, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of each session!

Continued education

No matter if you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, there is always room to learn. Attending a conference helps you stay on top of the latest industry trends, learn about new strategies and think outside the box for your organization once you return. Some conferences, like SHRM, even have built-in opportunities to earn credits toward maintaining your industry certification. Be mindful about attending events and learning courses outside of your comfort zone – even if it doesn’t seem relevant to your company now, you never know when the knowledge may come in handy down the line.

Stay engaged in your industry

Whether in front of peers or potential new clients, regularly attending annual conferences in your field helps you develop and maintain your reputation as an industry expert. Demonstrating your commitment to engaging in these conferences can lead to presentation opportunities, audience-building opportunities and lead generation opportunities over time. Plus, it will help you demonstrate credibility to your current clients. Don’t let your company’s strategy be your industry’s best kept secret! Share your insights and take every opportunity to stand out at the annual conferences you attend.

Spending the time, money and personnel resources to send your team to attend an annual HR industry conference is no small undertaking, but with the right preparation and planning, the ROI can be invaluable to your company.

Want tips on ways to help your employees grow professionally, in addition to sending them to annual conferences? See our recent blog on how to find your company’s next leader.



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